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M.D. Burgess And Associates Inc. have been facilitating courses since 1996 in the areas of Violence Prevention, Situational Awareness, Personal Safety, as well as skill-specific training for Security and Loss Prevention Personnel, Bylaw and Regulatory Compliance Officers, Provincial Officers and Municipal and Provincial employees.

Changes in Federal and Provincial legislation in Canada have elevated the need for more specific training in the areas of decision making, judgment and the practical application of learned skills. Violence Prevention and De-escalation response training related to Occupational Health and Safety is now mandatory in the private sector.  There are many programs available but most fall short when it comes to the area of the practical application of skills within the parameters of the law.  We have addressed that need.

Company Philosophies

80% of most problems faced on any job are as a result of "people problems" or a lack of "soft skills."  Avoiding these problems requires a change of subject focus in recognizing signs of escalations, customer service, ethics, professionalism, communications skills, understanding emotional-driven behaviour and dealing with difficult people in stressful situations.  The use of physical force, even in self defense, is always a last resort and only used when no other reasonable options exist.  Teaching of any physical skill without a comprehensive program preceding it in the area of soft skills would be negligent to say the least.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

This term is widely used in our courses to assist learners in understanding that their response to a given situation is determined by many factors and no two people will see the same situation the same way.  The courts, both civil and criminal, are required to pass judgment on ones choices in a given situation after much contemplation over the facts.  

If you were the one making that decision, often you had only seconds not hours to do so yet you will be judged, chastised or worse, sometimes penalized harshly on that split second decision.  Your actions stem from your training and knowledge, which is why a good core program is essential.

M.D. Burgess And Associates Inc.'s view is to train people in the full scope of possible responses to anticipated situations and customer service skills thereby increasing the individual's confidence, competence and ability to make sound judgments in stressful situations.  Assuming that nothing will happen because nothing has in the past, is a bad precedent bordering on neglect that increases the risks to everyone present.

Management teams can direct employees using policy and internal procedure; however, the final decision must rest with the individual, given all the circumstances and impacting factors involved in a given situation. This approach has been proven to reduce the numbers of altercations, injuries and liability.

If you would like more information on how we can custom tailor a program for your specialized needs, please contact us.

Mike Burgess

Mike Burgess is the Managing Director of M.D. Burgess And Associates Inc. He is a superior court recognized subject matter expert in areas specific to training Security, Loss Prevention, "Bouncers" and Bar Staff, Municipal Law Enforcement, Provincial Offenses Officers including Police and Special Constables and Federal Law Enforcement Agents.
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