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Code White (Healthcare Aggression Response Training)

Code White Training

(Healthcare Aggression Response Training.)


Recent announcements by the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Health and Provincial Health and Safety has created new guidelines for mandatory training of all staff in Conflict Avoidance and Restraint Training. All staff must meet a much higher standard for training or face sanctions/penalties. Full details are available by contacting us.

(Courses can include Pinel Medical Restraint Certification)

What is a Code White? What is "N.V.C.I." or "non-violent crisis intervention" training?

Click HERE to play a short video that explains this in more detail.


Course Description

Programs are delivered both online and in class as desired. The in class portion includes physical control techniques, disengagement skills and certification in the use of soft/passive restraint systems such as Pinel.

In this course,learners receive foundational information on the management of aggressive and potentially violent patients. Violence is encountered in many healthcare workplaces ranging from EMS responders to emergency/triage areas, continuing care homes, elder care facilities, and within lock down units for metal health care.

Many Code White training programs do NOT include specific content under Provincial/Territorial Mental Health Patient Care Legislation, civil litigation risks and/or the practical application of these physical skills within Canadian law. Ultimately, healthcare providers are held to account by the courts as to what is or is not "palatable" and therefore justifiable when it comes to the physical handling of patients for medical or mental health treatment. As such it becomes paramount that staff not only become proficient in their skills but also aware of their limitations and duty of care obligations within law.

Training under the patient care legislation is mandatory in most Provinces. Due diligence requirements include regular training in both hands on skill sets as well as academic knowledge to meet duty of care requirements.

Guidelines for “least restraint” are in place for patients under medical care yet most staff/guards who are called to a "Code White" do not have the specific physical skills to deal with a violent medical patient. They rely often on "police style" use of force or pressure point techniques which all too often include hard empty hand strikes or other inappropriate, ineffective or publicly unacceptable tactics. This program gives learners the specific skills they need for these specific situations. They are court palatable, publicly and medically acceptable and have held up as very effective and easy to learn.

Available topics include dealing with violent patients, understanding forms of cognitive impairment, recognizing signs and symptoms of mental illness, Canadian and Provincial/Territorial legislation and related case laws relative to the use of force in healthcare applications, as well as how to use the Pinel Restraints and other control methods approved for use in Canada.

This program can be used to meet Required Operational Procedures for those seeking to implement a standardized program to meet Provincial or Federal Accreditation guidelines.

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