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Conflict Avoidance and Physical Disengagement Training (Violence Prevention)

This program can be delivered completely in class in a one day workshop format, a two day certification format, or individual modules online. (See our online course listings for details or contact us for a customized program.)

Conflict Avoidance and "prevention of violence in the workplace courses, dealing with difficult people and "tactical" communications courses can only take you so far. "Talking someone down" or using "verbal de-escalation" skills can expose staff to unnecessary risk and is potentially dangerous where any form of cognitive impairment is present. 

Training focuses on being pro-active, recognizing signs and symptoms of escalated or unusual behavior, situational awareness to enhance personal safety, and disengagement skills training, previously not included in other courses.

Most people know that it isn't possible to talk your way out of every situation. Although a comfort level with communications skills is required in any job, it often isn't enough to deal with highly emotional or mentally disturbed people.

Prevention, through early detection of the signs and symptoms is the key to avoidance. When talking fails, the road to violence begins...the most prudent way to avoid escalations is early recognition accompanied with pro-active situational awareness techniques.

Academic modules are available completely online OR in a class room format. Physical disengagement skills are taught in a hands on, in class session.

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