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Animal Control Training

Animal Control Officer Training

Course Description

This online program provides core level Animal Control or Enforcement  Officer Training  relative to domestic animals, specifically dogs.


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The training components are designed to provide you with the academic competencies you will need to be an effective officer in today's environment. Online research, understanding the impact of pertinent legislation, knowing your legal and ethical boundaries, preparing for court, effective communication (developing your soft skills ), etc.

As trainers for Animal Control and Bylaw officers across Canada and former trainers for the SPCA we are uniquely qualified to facilitate this parallel, and in some cases, identical program.

There are NO PREREQUISITES to enroll in the program. Often, getting training before the application process will put you ahead of everyone else and shows initiative on your part to prospective employers.

Online Content   (Click this link for more info: )

Being an effective officer

Introduction to Law

Understanding the P.O.A. and how to lay charges

Provincial Legislation relative to animal control; Trespass to Property, Vicious Dog laws etc

Understanding the powers of an SPCA agent vs Bylaw Officer in Animal Control

Understanding Dog Behaviour

Municipal Structure and Bylaws

Note taking and Report Writing, Articulation of Incidents

Course access and Average Time required to complete.

You can access the course via any computer or smartphone 24/7/365 from anywhere you have service or high speed internet access. 

The average person takes about 20 hours to complete the program part or full time. Assignments and contact with your instructor is done via email. 


$265.00 plus applicable taxes includes testing. Certificates and course completion letters are available on request upon successful completion.

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