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Bylaw Officer Core Competency Training Course

ONLINE Bylaw & Provincial Offenses Officer Training Course

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Burgess And Associates is an official Vendor of Record and Training Provider for the Government of Ontario for Provincial Offences Officers. We are approved to train and accredit Provincial Offences Officers for all Ministries and government funded Municipalities and organizations.   Click here for more information. Parking Bylaw Officer info, click here.

If you wish to become a Bylaw Enforcement Officer, training is often required by the employers before you are hired.. Training can focus on Parking, Animal Control or General Bylaw duties. There are also specialty courses available online as "add on" courses to this core competency program. THERE ARE NO PREREQUISITES REQUIRED TO TAKE ANY OF OUR BYLAW ENFORCEMENT OR PROVINCIAL OFFENCES OFFICER TRAINING COURSES.

Here are a few facts you need to know about becoming a Bylaw Officer;

1. There is NO mandatory training required by legislation in most Provinces or      Territories in Canada to become a Bylaw or Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officer. There is also NO set government or I.S.O. course training standard for "certification," or "accreditation" for non-college delivered courses. (Colleges must meet the requirements of their legislation in order to issue "certificates of achievement" to graduates.)  

2. Courses can vary in length and cost. No two courses deliver the same identical content even if they carry the same module/content names.

3. Courses are currently offered to the public via Colleges or by private vendors in addition to any job specific courses delivered in house by the employer. Check with your employer BEFORE signing up for any course to ensure that the course you want to take is acceptable to the employer.

4. ANY training is only as good as the credentials of the instructor who teaches it and the content they teach. Beware of anyone who calls themselves an "expert." Only the courts can designate someone as a Subject Matter Expert. Content that is not kept up to date by a qualified person can be both useless and get officers into legal trouble.

NOTE FOR ONTARIO STUDENTS: "Municipal Law Enforcement Officer" or M.L.E.O.  is a term that is sourced within the Ontario Police Services Act. It is used in Ontario only. Other Provinces use the term "Bylaw Officer" or use other terms. Legal terms are found within each Province or Territories enabling legislation. 

"Provincial Offenses Officer" is a term sourced in the Ontario Provincial Offenses Act. Officers that we train for Provincial Ministries or other agencies who are not necessarily Municipal Bylaw Officers, get their appointments from this Act. 

All M.L.E.O.'s are P.O.O.'s but not all P.O.O.'s are M.L.E.O.'s when they work for Provincial agencies, so the training is very similar for both within Ontario.

FACT: The training for ALL Bylaw Officers, at the core level, is the same across Canada, the only exception being Provincial legislation and local Bylaws. 

In the Province of Alberta, municipalities can appoint bylaw enforcement officers under the authority of section 555 and 556 of the Municipal Government Act. This does not necessarily make them "Community Peace Officers." There are a number of municipalities in Alberta whose officers enforce only municipal bylaws as bylaw officers, others that only enforce provincial acts as community peace officers, and others that hold dual municipal and provincial appointments.

Regardless of which Province or Territory you live in, you need a core level of academic knowledge and skills that this course can provide. In many cases, but not all, Municipalities offer further training or supply additional certification specific to your appointment. For further details regarding accreditation within your area, please contact us either by phone or email. 

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Course Description

This is a generic core competency course focusing on preparing front line officers in the duties of a Bylaw or Provincial Offences Officer.

The duration of this course takes about 30 hours to complete albeit some students with prior learning or experience have completed the program in less time. 

Provincial context has been added and more specific content can be uploaded for officers from all Provinces on request. We have trained officers in most Provinces in Canada as well as N.W.T.

Content includes quizzes and assignments, downloadable resources and court cases. Final evaluation is completed via online exam.

Tuition and Course Access

$675.00 plus applicable taxes.

The course can be accessed 24/7/365 from your computer or smartphone anywhere where you have service or high speed internet access.

Support is available during business hours via email or toll free line call in appointments.

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