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Licenced Event/Bar Security

“Specialty Skills” Certification Courses

Reduce your liability. Reduce Injuries and Safeguard your guests and staff.

Physical Skills and Academic Training for Security Personnel who work in licensed establishments and events is now available. Facilitated by court recognized experts, our instructors can certify you in Canadian based  content that exceeds legal due diligence requirements for licensed establishments One or Two Day programs are available for in class delivery or choose from our online academic and refresher materials.

Online Academics related to the Criminal Code, Liquor License Act, Trespass to Property Act, and the use of force within licensed premises. Physical skills include understanding  “Proxemics” and how to use personal space as an asset, single and dual person approach and tactics for evictions without physical force, releases from common grabs and assaults and transition to  soft empty hand control to facilitate ejections.

In class – Physical skills training includes intervention options for breaking up altercations, dealing with hazardous or dangerous work environments and situations, dealing with more violent encounters including follow up control with options for detention for police.

The physical skills, in class module is preceded by a pre-class study package that contains all the core knowledge academics. There is an option to purchase a manual.

Course Tuition Includes:

  • A professionally produced, commercially available manual specific to personnel tasked to work in licensed establishments. (“Bouncers” and their managers.”)
  • Individual evaluation of physical skills, judgement and decision making abilities and academic knowledge.
  • A full report detailing each participant’s results is sent along with the certificates for successful participants.
  • Course is facilitated at a site provided by the client.
  • Class sizes will have one instructor to approximately ten participants for the physical portion.

Materials and physical skills are court defensible and meet due diligence requirements of the insurance companies for risk management.

More more information or to obtain a quote customized to your business, contact us.

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