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Security Guard - National Certification for Federal Workplaces

This is a Canadian General Standards Board (C.G.S.B.) National Certification for security guards. It is mandatory for those working at Federal Government or international work sites.

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Course Hours

Online:  54hrs - Instructor Lead E-Learning

Course Description

Students receive foundation information on the security industry including the changes in the industry as a result of the new legislation Provincially and the impact on security functions at Federal government sites.

Students discover the challenges and benefits of becoming a security guard by exploring such topics as security procedures, report writing, health and safety, emergency response preparation, communications, sensitivity training, and more.

*Note: This course is mandatory for all individuals wishing to become licensed security guards tasked with duties on Federal Government work sites. This is a Federal certification to an ISO standard that is mandatory for security personnel wishing to work for companies that supply guards to the Federal government. The pay is normally higher because of this additional certification. It is also highly recommended that students also take use of force and handcuff training to supplement this program. See our Specialty Skills information for details on these courses.

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