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Tactical Baton Training

Course Hours

Delivered in class: 4 hours. May be integrated with the use of force and handcuffing course.

Course Description

(PR24, ASP collapsible or straight stick batons)

Through active participation, students learn the physical tactics, academic knowledge, and decision-making skills required in the deployment of a baton for the defense of self or others, and to facilitate follow up control.

Legislative requirements in most Canadian Provinces under Private Security and Investigative Services legislation will apply to this course. Some require mandatory minimum standards for training. Contact us for specific details.


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to demonstrate:

  • how to carry, access and maintain the most popular styles of batons
  • when it is and is not appropriate to deploy an impact weapon
  • how to effectively utilize impact weapons on appropriate target areas
  • an integrated understanding of follow-up control techniques up-to and including post-arrest care

Contact us to obtain specific content/course information for the type of baton you need training in and the location you need it.

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