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Tactical Handcuffing Training

Course Description

This module is specific to handcuffing and search. Academics are completely online with case studies and video demonstrations. In class programs for use of force and handcuffing, The physical skills portion is in class, and when accompanied by disengagement and control skills is facilitated in one full day.

Use of force trainers use our online modules as pre-class study package to reduce actual in class training hours and focus more on the specific physical skills for control, handcuffing and search.

This course emphasizes functioning within the Canadian Legal System, and contains some examples of what constitutes unlawful arrests and excessive uses of force, the legalities around handcuffing and search for non-police roles in loss prevention and security. The topic of positional vs restraint asphyxia as well as all the latest information on excited delirium is also included.

*Note: The use of handcuffs is legislated for most security guards including loss prevention in Canada. A court defensible training system is your only defense against unwarranted civil litigation  in many cases, so let the experts deliver your program for you.


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will understand:

  • how to properly carry, access and maintain standard handcuffs
  • how to effectively apply handcuffs to both non-resistant and actively resistant people
  • an understanding of post-arrest prisoner care
  • an understanding of search incident to arrest
  • active and passive search for security or loss prevention
  • how to avoid asphyxia during arrests and recognize the signs of distress during the arrest process
  • the legalities of search and post arrest prisoner care

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