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Custom online training courses and modules now available!  

Take the entire course or just the modules you need! MOST OF THESE COURSES ARE/WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE.

(This is a partial list, see online training courses for the complete list of available modules.)

  • (M.L.E.O.) Municipal Law Enforcement Officer Training Course
  • Parking Control/Enforcement Officer Course
  • Animal Control Officer Course
  • Bylaw Enforcement Officer Course
  • Provincial Offenses Officer Course
  • Use of force Course
  • Handcuffing and Search
  • Baton Course
  • Code White Course - (Also known as NVCI or CPI, Aggression Response Training, or Managing Behavioral Emergencies, this is hospital and healthcare specific training for clinical or non-clinical staff including security guards.)
  • Officer Safety Training Course including Situational Awareness

Burgess and Associates & Security Training Support is a multifaceted company that operates independently under contract, in support of, or in strategic partnership with private corporations, colleges and universities, agencies and associations to provide customized training packages to suit the needs of your business and clients.

Burgess and Associates & Security Training Support facilitate customized training courses in Canada, the UK, Caribbean, United States and across the globe, with individualized program content pertaining to each unique situation.

We offer a wide range of topics and skills to choose from in three main areas;

  • Physical skills including disengagement and self defense techniques up to and including tools for security personnel such as handcuffing, baton or specialty tools for hospitals / healthcare or pepper spray and firearms for those authorized  to carry and use them
  • Academics: Legal Authorities, Case Law Studies, Civil Litigation and Risk Management
  • Judgement and Decision Making, Articulation of Incidents, Report Writing, Note Taking and Communications including Understanding Mental illnesses, Elder illnesses and issues, Forms of Cognitive Impairment such as Drug/Alcohol Abuse or Emotional Driven Behaviour

Whether you are intervention capable or not, new or a veteran in your field looking to upgrade your skills, we have a program to suit your needs.  The length and content of courses is entirely dependent on the topics you choose, the budget you have and the level of certification required.  

For more details or to obtain a quote, please contact us.

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