Why Burgess and Associates

As a Vendor of Record for the Ontario Government and I.S.O. 9001 - Canadian General Standards Board compliant, we are pleased to offer affordable education in the Security, Healthcare and Provincial Offenses Fields.

Burgess And Associates is an Official Vendor of Record for the Government of Ontario to train Provincial Offences Officers (P.O.O.'s), Municipal Law Enforcement Officers (M.L.E.O.'s)  and Provincial funded agencies such as Conservation Areas and Parks.

Municipal training includes professions such as Bylaw Officers but we also train all "customer facing" staff who serve the public in the areas of personal safety, situational awareness, conflict avoidance and violence prevention. 

Provincially we train Park Rangers, Conservation Officers etc for public parks and campgrounds as specialists in seasonal enforcement roles.

Burgess And Associates are strategic partners of the Ontario Traffic Council for the training and certification of Parking Enforcement Officers. The O.T.C. is the recognized Provincial body for the training of enforcement officers. (See our Parking Enforcement Course outline for more information.)

Healthcare programs in Violence Prevention, Risk Management, Conflict Avoidance, and Managing Violent Behaviour has been a major focus of our company for 25 years. Beginning initially with hospital guard training it quickly expanded into training ER staff and eventually hospital wide staff, in methods for avoiding or dealing directly with violent behaviour within the healthcare workplace. We offer full Pinel Restraint training as well as Instructor training in our vetted programs.

As Subject Matter Experts, recognized by the Superior Courts, we offer consulting and expert testimony services to clients and lawyers involved in criminal or civil court cases. Our lengthy history and credibility in training of police, security guards, hospital staff and Provincial/Municipal Officers, has lead to many early settlements and successful changes to ensure worker safety as well as to hold those in authority accountable for their actions.