Animal Control

Are you seeking employment as a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer (MLEO) or Provincial Officer? Or simply desire to be an Animal Control Officer? Consider this course a essential component to your learning or skill upgrading. You will gain a firm foundation of training in everything from legal issues to dog behaviour.

Who should register

  • Anyone currently employed or seeking employment as an MLEO or Provincial Offences Officer wanting to specialize in animal by-laws.
  • Anyone wanting to specialize in an career as an Animal Control Officer.
  • Organizations seeking to train multiple staff
  • While not a prerequisite, you may benefit from taking the By-law Officer Core Competency Course along with the Animal Control Officer course

Why take this course

  • Add Animal Control Officer to your resume
  • Seek higher paying work and improve your chances of landing jobs by proactively taking this training.
  • Ability to complete this course at your own pace
  • Instructor expertise and assistance available through email

Q. Can a Bylaw Officer/M.L.E.O. who does parking enforcement ALSO do general Bylaw Enforcement or Animal Control?
A. The short answer is yes. If the Municipality hires you to do more than just Parking Enforcement, they will ask that you also be trained in the other areas as well as Parking. Given that General Bylaw Services and Enforcement is also a specialized profession ie Property Standards, Noise Bylaw Enforcement, Animal Control, Licensing etc

Q. Is it true that some Municipalities are outsourcing some Bylaw Enforcement to Security companies?
A. Yes. Some smaller Municipalities are not only out sourcing Parking Enforcement but also General Bylaw services and Animal Control.


Plus applicable taxes

When you choose to register, you will be directed to the checkout page. Once your payment has been received, you will receive an email with your course login information.

Your Instructor

Burgess and Associates are approved and licensed Vendors of Record (V.O.R.) for the Government of Ontario to train M.L.E.O.s (Municipal Law Enforcement Officers) and P.O.O.s (Provincial Offences Officers) for all Ministries and Provincially funded agencies that use the V.O.R. system to obtain training for their officers.

The course is designed and developed by a Superior Court Recognized “Subject Matter Expert” in the training of Municipal Bylaw and Enforcement Officers, Provincial Offences Officers, Police and Special Constables in Ontario. Copies of transcripts from these court credentials are available upon request.