Ontario Bar Security (Bouncer) Specialty Training Course

This is a specialty course for security staff who work in licensed premises. It is self-directed academic materials with assignments and quizzes to ensure the learning.

Who should register

This is a specialty course for security staff who work in licensed premises. It is self-directed academic materials with assignments and quizzes to ensure the learning.

It fills the gap between the basic information taught for the Ontario Guard licensing, Smartserve and the realities of the job. Both these government programs do NOT teach you the specialty skills required to stay safe while working in a licensed premise.

Why take this course

  1. This is a specialty course specifically designed for security guards in Ontario who work in a licensed establishment. This is NOT Smartserve. This is all the material and information they don't teach or tell you about.

It contains tactics and information to keep “bouncers” safe while working in these challenging workplaces and fills the gap between the basic PSISA 40 hour licensing course and what is required to be a professional security practitioner in a licensed premise. 

  1. Isn't this just Smartserve content recycled?                                                                                                                                       Not even close. This program goes into depth on legal issues that are the cause for most litigation in the alcohol service industry. It also includes practical tips and techniques for such things as spotting fake I.D., dealing with large crowds and difficult people. Further, it provides real world information on how to use the Ontario Trespass to Property Act along side the LLCA to maintain a peaceable and enjoyable environment.                                                                                     
  2. Why to I need this course? I can work in any bar on my current guard license alone.                                                                    Yes you can, however if you look at what you were taught in the basic Ontario Security Guard licensing course it does NOT contain the specifics that you need to know to work effectively in a bar. This gives rise to two main problems for you; first, you have no specific training on do's and don'ts regarding personal safety, legal issues and alcohol liability, and secondly zero training on what is or is not appropriate regarding the use of force for ejection or interventions in a bar setting. Alcohol liability is the single largest area of civil litigation in Ontario.                
  3. Is there a special license endorsement in Ontario for working in bars and license premises?                                                    No. Tiered licensing is not in effect in Ontario. Parallel industries such as Hospital Security and Loss Prevention are also without specific training standards and legislated content within the PSISA training to obtain a guard license in Ontario.                                                                                                                                                  
  4. Bars, especially nightclubs, can be violent places for security staff to work. I'm aware that there is NO hands on, practical training required for use of force to be a guard in Ontario. This said, is there a practical hands on training available for “bouncers?”                                                                                                                                                                                           Yes. This is again, a specialty course that can be completed in one day at your venue. Groups of 12 or more are required. Use the “contact us” tab to obtain a quote for this program.

You will be a given 6 weeks to finish this course. A one time extension of 2 weeks can be requested, if you need it. After that one final extension of 2 weeks may be purchased for $75.00

Technical requirements for taking this course: Persistent internet connection. Latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Javascript enabled.


Plus applicable taxes

When you choose to register, you will be directed to the checkout page. Once your payment has been received, you will receive an email with your course login information.

Your Instructor

Your instructor is a former Ontario Police College Instructor Trainer and court recognized Subject Matter Expert in training security staff to work in licensed premises. The company is an official Vendor of Record for the Ontario government and the instructor also sits on the Canadian General Standards Board for ISO 9001 certification of security guards for the Federal government.

Contact us for more details if you require a full C.V.